Buying a home is a process, that starts long before we hit Open Houses. It began with the wish or dream about the quality of our life. When desire becomes a need, we create an opportunity to start the process. Very often the first home is just a step to achieving the primary goal, making smart decisions to build our equity and accumulate the profits for a dream house.
Assessing if the time is right for starting your search is crucial.
There are a lot of factors that you need to take in consideration when in the process of finding a home.
You need to be honest with yourself and answer some questions


Number 1

Your Home is Too Small


home door
Your home is your investment—probably one of the biggest in years to come, and one of the smartest. Do you want a house that needs attention, upkeeping, renovating, shoveling or a place easy to care, worry- free?  It takes energy, time and money to own a house but the rewards and the sense of fulfillment are priceless.  Are you are ready to take responsibility for your dream home, or prefer a comfortable place with maintenance services on the side?

Number  2

Know your priorities

Put on paper what kind of futures do you need to have and what is out of the question! When writing them down, include not only What but also WHY.  For example:

What: Large, open kitchen
Why: Because I love to entertain and cook at home for my family and friends
No Way!: messy space do not want to watch it when relaxing, eating regularly out

What: Swimming Pool
Why: want to have an oasis in a house
No way!: too costly and dangerous for the kids

Knowing why you want or not a specific feature will help you make smart decisions. For more ideas and  inspiration check the workbook

modern kitchen,

Number 3

take care of your finances

You ought to have a pretty good idea   how much can or want you to spend every month? Make sure to include taxes, homeowner’s insurance, utilities, HOA fees. Don’t forget about maintenance, repairs or special assessments.

Check here the mortgage calculator  

Take charge of your credit score!

There are good free resources like www.creditkarma.com or  www.nerdwallet.com  that will provide you legitimately free credit reports simultaneously with guidance on how to make sure you’re in the genuine financial place when the time comes.

Number 4


There is much more to life than just what happens within the walls of your own home. The neighborhood, community, walking distance,  schools, commute or public transportation—they will affect your lifestyle and its quality
List them and go through the same process as home features – what and why.
I like to compare buying a home to entering into a relationship. You do not want to fall in anyone because it has excellent features but doesn’t fit your values. It is like buying a unique farm home with five acres of land, while a condo with an access to restaurants and public transportation was what you were really looking for. But you fell in love with that country style kitchen that was so Instagram perfect  and decided to become a home chef.
Do not buy a home to which you need to adjust your lifestyle! Buy a house which supports your life choices! Going out of your comfort zone with the location is a big stretch, be careful with this part. If you are not sure if the new neighborhood is right for you – consider to rent first.